Up over the Rocks

Another dawn flight:






Dappled Things

Photographing in woods is a bit of a nightmare- one of the things that makes them so attractive is the dappled light which is horribly difficult to capture because of the limited range of a camera- you either end up with the shots being too dark or the light being all burnt out.


I’ve done my best to strike a balance with these in some familiar favourite places on the common.


…And then out into the open to look at some flowers:



… then finally a flowerbed in town:



Getting Mediaeval on the Edge of the Borough

Maybe it is because we have so many beautiful old buildings, but I sometimes forget how new Tunbridge Wells actually is. We haven’t in fact got as long a history as the USA.

This really struck me on Heritage Weekend when we finished off our tour of local churches at Capel.


The Church of St Thomas a Becket here is old even by mediaeval standards, with parts being built not long after the conquest. I was delighted to find something so old inside the borough, if only just- like it’s neighbouring church in Tudely (of the Chagall windows) this building is actually nearer to Tonbridge than it is to the rest of us.


The Church itself has a simple elegance inside:


Somewhat more dramatic is a set of mediaeval wall paintings which were only discovered and restored in 1967:


Outside is a beautiful graveyard where it is believed that St Thomas A Beckett actually preached – hence the name:




A stark reminder of the age of the graveyard was this tombstone hidden in the roots of a tree:


We followed our visit with a walk through a nearby orchard:



And finally, some local woods:





Common trees

I didn’t go out today intending to take pictures of the trees on the common.

Instead my plan was to practice doing a really long exposure on the rocks.

I did- here it is- 5 minutes exposure in one shot, but not really worth the effort. For once, there was not nearly enough wind or grey to make anything interesting of the clouds and it looks unreal, but not in a good way!


So, a bit dejected, I started to head off home and then almost accidentally started taking pictures of trees.


I love trying to photograph trees, but rarely get something that I am happy with, but today, maybe because I wasn’t really trying, something clicked. I’m genuinely surprised by these.