Dappled Things

Photographing in woods is a bit of a nightmare- one of the things that makes them so attractive is the dappled light which is horribly difficult to capture because of the limited range of a camera- you either end up with the shots being too dark or the light being all burnt out.


I’ve done my best to strike a balance with these in some familiar favourite places on the common.


…And then out into the open to look at some flowers:



… then finally a flowerbed in town:




Back home with the familiar for New Year

After cheekily pushing this blog away from home in my last post, I’m back in town in three of my favourite and possibly over-familar spots.

My challenge in today’s rush around as ever was to photograph them in new ways:

Dunorlan this morning:







The Rock House at Sunset:



The Rocks tonight:



When I’m not in Tunbridge Wells…

I genuinely love how popular this blog about Tunbridge Wells has got recently, but when I took some time recently to look through all of my pictures from this year and choose my best, I’m afraid only a few local ones made the cut.

For the benefit of those who only know of what I take round here, below is the full set- if it stirs any interest, I have another blog which features many of them- The travels of the Colour Blind Photographer.