Alien on the common!

I posted some infrared shots from Dunorlan last week and now I am back again with the same, strange alien looking shots from the common yesterday.


An infrared camera for me works best with the pictures converted to black and white with strong contrast and the bizarre white of the infrared glow from anything living screaming loudly.


I am only just learning to do this properly after about ten years of trying- some of these I love- others are a bit too OTT, but that is what it is often like when I am in an experimental stage.


I’ll calm down soon.











Wrong lens around town

My mantra on this blog has been “always take my camera with me everywhere I go,” but in my eagerness to pick it up when going out, I don’t always pay attention to what is on the front of it.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I set out to go walking on the common with a close up portrait lens (a 1980s Zeiss Planar 85mm f1.4 for the gear-heads amongst you.)

I actually like the challenge of seeing the world through an unfamiliar view, but after struggling for a bit taking in the wide views of the trees…


…I changed tack and headed down to the pantiles where I enjoyed the blurred backgrounds this lens gives me.



Then a quick stroll past the shops at the bottom of town:






And then best of all for a coffee:


Common trees

I didn’t go out today intending to take pictures of the trees on the common.

Instead my plan was to practice doing a really long exposure on the rocks.

I did- here it is- 5 minutes exposure in one shot, but not really worth the effort. For once, there was not nearly enough wind or grey to make anything interesting of the clouds and it looks unreal, but not in a good way!


So, a bit dejected, I started to head off home and then almost accidentally started taking pictures of trees.


I love trying to photograph trees, but rarely get something that I am happy with, but today, maybe because I wasn’t really trying, something clicked. I’m genuinely surprised by these.






A Morning Walk at the Top of Town


I’ve just started a second blog of travel photography, but the whole point of this blog was always to remind me of the glorious views available at home. This morning we started our walk at the top end of the common by my beloved rock houses:


Behind us was Molyneux Park:


After a brief digression onto the common:


…we headed into town past this wonderful house, once owned I believe by the fourth Doctor Who, Tom Baker:


Then for some reason, as sometimes happens when I have my camera, I started to spot buildings that I must have ignored for years:





Back to the Common


Since I started this blog, I’ve been trying to challenge myself to visit the same spots repeatedly and see them in new ways each time. After my recent visits to the Rocks and the Common, I went back this time with the self imposed goal of photographing everything at a distance- no clambering over rocks this time or close ups of trees.

Pointless, I know, but it gets me thinking visually:

_SAM2553 _SAM2541 _SAM2540 _SAM2538 _SAM2537 _SAM2532


A Walk on the Common.

My rocks pictures from the weekend reminded me of how beautiful the rest of the common is as well. Strangely, whenever we think of going for a weekend walk, we seem to find ourselves getting into a car and driving out of town, when we have such wonderful scenes as this on our doorstep:


Looking through my old pictures, which are as good a record as any of my ramblings, I haven’t been walking on the common since I took these infrared pictures two years ago:




I clearly need to go back: