Alien Experiments in Dunorlan

Sometimes, if the weather is nice, I head out to Dunorlan determined to take the most beautiful conventional shots I can, but on a cloudy day like today, I am just as likely to go freaky with a comedy camera or, as today, two.


The black and white shots today are with an infrared camera- this sees the light which is invisible to us and misses what we see. It works even better in harsh sunlight, but I thought it worth a try.


The psychedelic colour pictures are with a lens that I have modded myself- turning around one of the bits of glass at the back of the lens to stop it from focusing properly and to bring out its inner Monet. Although probably without his taste!


I’m not sure yet whether these have worked- I’ll probably look at them in horror in a few months, but for now, here they are.








Back home with the familiar for New Year

After cheekily pushing this blog away from home in my last post, I’m back in town in three of my favourite and possibly over-familar spots.

My challenge in today’s rush around as ever was to photograph them in new ways:

Dunorlan this morning:







The Rock House at Sunset:



The Rocks tonight:



Evening Blues in Dunorlan

After a difficult week, a return to the familiar seemed in order, so last night at dusk I popped over to Dunorlan with a wide angle lens.

But if you go out after dark, the camera sees everything blue- actually these are the correct colours- we see this also, but our brains adjust.

So everything really is this blue at the moment even if not everyone sees it that way.