Waking up again in Dunorlan


Each summer, as I return back to Tunbridge Wells after a visit to some amazing place, I have to re-start my photography a bit. Often this starts in that most familiar of places-Dunorlan Park.

This summer, I have just been to the Norwegian Fjords (hint hint- you can check out the first part of my adventures in my other blog at this link)

How can Dunorlan compete with this?


Well for me a big part of what makes the park work for me photographically is about my own attitude. When I go to a worldwide location for the first time, I often tend to take my least risky or original shots as everything is new to me.


Back home, the opposite happens. When I go back yet again to Dunorlan, I have no choice but to try something new. It is why when I look over the past of this blog I see so many failed experiments, but also all of the pictures where I have moved my technique on. Most of what I have actually learned about photography has happened in this town.


The pictures that follow probably mix failed experiments with successes. they are all taken with my favourite old Russian lens, the Helios 44-2 which creates those lovely painterly blurred backgrounds. I have messed with it even more by putting it on a tilt shift adapter- a strange contraption which allows me to bend it from side to side on the camera so that it focuses on just a strip of what is in front of it- you can see the effect most clearly in the first picture below of the bench.

I’m not entirely sure whether it all works- I normally only decide these things after a few weeks when I look back at my shots, but I’m glad I tried.


















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