Common trees

I didn’t go out today intending to take pictures of the trees on the common.

Instead my plan was to practice doing a really long exposure on the rocks.

I did- here it is- 5 minutes exposure in one shot, but not really worth the effort. For once, there was not nearly enough wind or grey to make anything interesting of the clouds and it looks unreal, but not in a good way!


So, a bit dejected, I started to head off home and then almost accidentally started taking pictures of trees.


I love trying to photograph trees, but rarely get something that I am happy with, but today, maybe because I wasn’t really trying, something clicked. I’m genuinely surprised by these.







Bedgebury Breeze

_DSC2549I’ve used long exposure shots on this blog quite often over the last couple of years to freeze lakes like Dunorlan to give the look of a sheet of ice. You can see a bit of that look in the picture above of Bedgebury, but just after I took it, I noticed what had happened to the reeds on the opposite bank.


I’d never really tried out this technique pointed at foliage in the wind. There is nothing peaceful about these shots of I took in the next few minutes of Bedgebury in a breeze. Instead the 30 second exposures end up looking a bit like a poor man’s Monet. I’ve exaggerated the colours a bit to add to the effect.




A Voyage to Pembury

In my other blog, the Travels of the Colour Blind Photographer, I celebrate my voyages around the world, so it came as a bit of a shock a few weeks ago to realise that after  30 odd years living in this town, I’d never actually properly visited Pembury.


So a walk with my camera was called for, but stupidly I set out with just a zoom lens, so here are none of the wide open views of the Weald which we enjoyed. Instead some strange close ups of odd objects.




Never mind…we’ll go back.









Ignoring the beauty close by

When I started this blog a year and a half ago, my ambition was to start paying more attention to all the wonders of this town, but ironically I have singularly failed to spot what is right under my nose.

I visit and revisit Dunorlan, the common and the Rock Houses and yet in the ten years I have been living close to St John’s, I have only twice walked the small way t0 the meadow behind St John’s Recreation Ground.

The second time was today: