Phoned in from the park

In  earlier posts I wrote about how you don’t necessarily need a good camera to take good photos, but rather hypocritically I have recently invested in my first proper camera (a Sony A7ii.) I don’t know how much difference it has made to my photography- those who are as nerdy as me might want to guess from my last posts when I started using it.

Unfortunately just having a good camera doesn’t mean I actually have it with me when I need it.


Yesterday evening I found myself driving past Dunorlan as the sun was going down with just my iphone to help me out with the beautiful light.


None of these pictures would print out big, but I have done what I could in photoshop to give a sense of how beautiful the conditions were. Actually the low quality of the original images creates a bit of a painterly look which I have enhanced a bit in the software:







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