Staring into the Middle Distance at Haysden Park


I have written before about how important it is in landscape photography to try to create three dimensions in an image which is in reality flat. The classic way of doing so is to find something to put in the foreground of the composition, then something in the middle distance and then something far, far away.

This is why, for all that I like the mystery of the shot above, it is lacking something which might drag our eyes through the frame. It is also one of the many reasons why landscape photographers including me return endlessly to places such as Ullswater in the Lake District.

Voila- three plains- foreground, middle distance, long distance:


But what to do when a return to the otherwise appealing Haysden Lake in Tonbridge doesn’t provide such depth- almost everything is in the middle of the view.

One solution is just to concentrate on something beautiful and near:


…Or even on something that only I will find beautiful:


…Or to step back somewhat, so everything is middle distance:


…Or just to turn away and find my three plains behind me:


…Or to give up completely and head for foreground in the woods:



…But then I remembered that tiny pier that I had found so appealing earlier- time to get down on my knees and let it point into the distance:




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