Tunbridge Wells Cemetery


My two visits to Woodbury Park (here and here) made me realise that I ought to take a trip to the main town graveyard, but if I am honest it felt a bit odd.

Visiting Woodbury Park, with few graves newer than about 1870 feels like a history lesson, but taking pictures in a site with so many recent burials is more potentially intrusive. Fortunately when I got there, it was clear that there were sections which were older and where I ended up strolling and others with more frequent memorials of still raw grief.

But what a beautiful site it is- no sign that I could find of its two most famous residents, the light music star Mantovani or the first Doctor Who, William Hartnell. But some beautiful monuments, including the one at the top for some wealthy local who even in death dwarfs all around- and without a hedge to protect him from prying eyes like mine!





















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