Selling Out?

_SAM2469 When I started this blog in October last year, I was really doing it for myself- trying to force myself to get out and about in the town I loved, but rarely photographed, rather than restricting myself to taking pictures on holiday.

I didn’t actually expect the blog to be popular with anyone else, but since then I have had about 8,000 visitors- not massive by internet standards, but really pleasing for me.

Some of you have asked whether I ever sell any of these pictures and in the past the answer has been no- I have always taken pictures for myself and somehow selling them has seemed to me a bit exploitative. But I have gradually changed my mind- if people want to own any of these pictures, then I am honoured and if I pledge to spend any money I earn from them to fund camera equipment, I support what is after all a pretty expensive hobby and possibly can take more pictures.

So what is a fair price? Actually I don’t really know, but as a suggestion for Tunbridge Wells based readers, for £100 I will frame a print of one of my pictures at 29cm by 20cm and drive it around your house .

As an alternative, we can actually meet by the spot I took it. If you live further afield, want more privacy, or want a different size, we can talk about postage prices. If it is a different size you are after, I will make sure that you just pay for the extra frame size and print, but won’t sneak in any extra profit of my own.

Please send orders to this email address

So what pictures might you want to buy?

You can see a list of all the previous pages on the site by searching down on the right side of this page. They are also listed as pingbacks, whatever they may be, at the bottom of the page.

You might be interested in pictures from my embryonic worldwide travel blog here.

You might even want to check out a more full selection of my pictures here.

And if you think that price is ridiculous, I’m likely to agree- make me an offer.

Here are some worldwide favourites from the last year- we don’t usually travel so much- there have been some big family events to celebrate:

New York: DSCF2530



Dunstanburgh Castle:



DSCF5618 Untitled_Panorama2

Tanah Lot, Bali:



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