A Hedge Too Far.


Of all the hedges I could rail against in Tunbridge Wells- this that obscures Calverley Crescent must be the one I hate the most.

As always, I mean no offence to the good people who actually live there or their wish for privacy, but this masterpiece was designed by Decimus Burton to look like this:


That was surely the finest view in town, and today, because of that ridiculous hedge, even the owners themselves can’t step back far enough on their lawn to get a proper look.

In my desperation to get a good view, I’ve resorted to a photographer’s most extreme measure- the fisheye lens:


You can spend forever trying to correct the odd vertical lines in pictures like this, until you decide actually to embrace the odd perspective. In the pictures that follow I have done so and in many cases also decided to give full rein to my colour blindness:









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