Close to the Hedge – Hungershall Park


Previous readers of this blog will know of my petulant dislike for rich people’s hedges! I have blogged twice in Calverley Park (1, 2) and once in Nevill about my frustration at the fact that some of the most beautiful buildings in town, which were once visible to all and in fact formed the centrepiece of the 19th Century version of Tunbridge Wells are now hidden away behind almost comically high hedges.

It is not that I think that the owners of these houses don’t deserve privacy like the rest of us, I just wish that they would find another way of obtaining it- curtains not hedges maybe.

So I have found a typical snooper’s solution- a zoom lens which has allowed me to get that bit better a view of these houses in their beautiful settings- this time, taken from Nevill Park, I have photographed down at Hungershall Park:







And if anyone worries that I am really snooping-  first sight of an actual human owner and I promise the camera will be respectfully put away.



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