Dunorlan Trees


Every week, my wife and son go for a run which I avoid for reasons of inertia which I pass off Basil Fawlty-style as a dodgy knee- I photograph instead. Our most common location is Dunorlan, which so far has not exhausted my search for interesting views.

This time, for variety, I concentrated mainly on the trees and took all of my pictures in infrared:




An infrared filter, placed over the lens, blocks out most of the light that we see and instead highlights the infrared light that we find invisible- it can give plant and human life a strange glow, although less so in winter when there is less life around.

Another effect is that it sees through haze to create black skies which then bring more contrast to clouds:



Because so little light is getting to the camera’s sensor, you  have to use a tripod for exposures which last several seconds. This can be used to your advantage to slightly blur clouds:


…or water:


…or a dog:


As I said at the outset, I’ve been to the park for many previous blog posts:

I attempted to photograph it without the lake:


I enjoyed the fog, that time using a different technique to create colour infrareds:


…and I tried every technique I knew in my first post from there:




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