Woodbury Park Cemetery


For a few short years between 1849 and the 1870s this cemetery which was then on the edge of the fast growing town was the main graveyard in Tunbridge Wells. Then it filled up and now it lies ignored by many behind the bus garage off St John’s Road.

It makes an interesting explore, even on a rainy day when there are enough sheltering trees to keep your camera dry. The closest it has to a famous resident is Jane Austen’s favourite brother, Henry Austen, but more fascinating to me was one Charles Tattershall Dodd. He was a now-forgotten landscape artist who painted views of the local area, but the name rung a bell. Then I remembered that only last week, the fascinating facebook group New Old Tunbridge Wells Photos had featured this picture by him:kt_tw_06_027_large

Why do I remember this so well? It’s actually the view of the end of my road which today on Google streetview looks like this:


If that isn’t enough to give you a shudder about the transience of everything, here are a few more pictures of the graveyard. For those of you who said that my last post was a bit Adams Family, I have tried not to overdo these too much:










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