Over the Hedge in Calverley Park

What is it about the rich that makes them want to hide behind hedges?


When Decimus Burton laid out Calverley Park in the 1820s and 30s and built its beautiful houses, I am sure he wanted them to be seen by everyone in town- a rival to similar views in Bath or Brighton:


But over the years, frightened no doubt by one of the lowest crime rates in Britain, the modern owners of these houses have mostly grown large hedges which obscure them from view:



They may feel protected, but in the bottom floors at least, they can’t even see their beautiful private park, not incidentally the same park as the public get access to over the fences:


Just occasionally, there is a house with a clearer view which you don’t need a GoPro on a stick to photograph:




7 thoughts on “Over the Hedge in Calverley Park

  1. Great pics. Calverley Park has always seemed like the height of opulence and exclusiveness to me. Years ago when my Mum was pregnant, she stopped to rest against a wall while walking through the park, and was told to ‘clear orf’ in no uncertain terms by one of the residents!

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