Texturing the Tiles


I’ve been wanting to do a post about the Pantiles since I started doing this blog, but until recently I could never get my pictures of the place right. This may be the most iconic location in town, but I’d not really worked out what I liked about it visually.

Then a few weeks ago, I discovered the wonderful French photographer Jean-Michel Berts. He specialises in producing black and white cityscapes where he uses photoshop to paint on his images with different brightness levels- this is just what Ansel Adams did in the film days, but what Berts adds to the mix is that he also increases the contrast in the same bits of the image. It gives the old brickwork of these cities a slightly surreal glow.

When I started to study his technique, I realised it was perfect for the Pantiles, because visually they are of course all about those tiles. I’ve tried to use his method in the shots on this page, both in black and white as he does:



…and also in colour:






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