Those Alien Rocks

599091_10151550111129468_2138736570_nThe Rocks are one of my favourite features of this town- when I was growing up, I assumed that in the same way that every town has a park and a shopping centre, I could expect to find a set of rocks in any town I visited.

Now I am older and know how unlikely they are- I love these alien incursions into our town all the more, particularly in the way they contrast with the gentility of the rest of the town.

At the same time, I struggle to photograph them to my satisfaction. Infrared seems best to bring out their strangeness…


But in colour…

_SAM2525 _SAM2521 _SAM2520 _SAM2517 _SAM2514

Or black and white…


Hardest of all is to create a composition that stops them from overpowering everything around them and gives enough of a sense of their context:




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