Hunting for foreground round Hungershall Park

I’ve had a few suggestions about places to photograph in Tunbridge Wells and I would truly welcome some more, but this town can be difficult to capture at its best. I promise that I will feature the rocks in a future post, but they are so huge that it is hard to get them with the context of their surroundings. Similarly, I know I need to do the pantiles, but after ten years of trying, I’m yet to get a picture where the shadows from the buildings do not make everything look more dull than I remember the view.

The biggest issue that gets in the way of me taking the picture I want is the lack of foreground. As I’ve mentioned before, what I look for in a photograph is a sense of three dimensions with something in at least three plains- in the foreground, the middle distance and the background. I can get this kind of thing quite easily when I travel elsewhere even if it does mean that I have to amuse my family by dragging a large part of a tree into the shot to lead the eye:


Particularly appealing is where the foreground actually snakes towards you, almost pushing its way out of the shot to drag your eye in:


I was out hunting for this kind of foreground yesterday, when walking around Hungershall and Nevill Parks, but possibly I should have guessed before going out that such exclusive areas might present some challenges when it came to access. Here is an example of a beautiful view which would have been so much nicer if I could have climbed over the barbed wire and got closer to some of those trees:


In this case, I have a road coming towards me, but leading to a building that is private and out of sight:


I did better when I managed to use the shadows of the setting sun as a kind of foreground:


Or here when I got as close as I could to the farm at the bottom of the hill and managed to get a bit of the ice into the shot without too much barbed wire:


But as often, my saviour was a glorious tree at the top in Nevill Park- I’ll be coming back to this one:




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