What’s wrong with this picture part 3 – the end?

In an earlier couple of posts here and here I wrestled with a particularly stubborn tree which refused to pose correctly. More correctly, I struggled to work out the best way of photographing it. I ended up feeling that the problem was mainly one of clutter- too many other things were getting in the way of a striking image:


So this morning, with a simpler sky and more importantly a pair of boots I climbed into the field and put the tree in between me and the sun and got this:


It’s not perfect- a wider lens would give me the whole tree, but for now, job done.

But then as I turned to go I saw this one:


An equally beautiful old tree with an equally annoying set of distracting foliage nearby which makes getting the right shot equally hard.

I stepped back further:


And then further still:


Somehow I feel this is not over- sorry!



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