And then there were three…

I’ve posted quite a few pictures already of the rock houses on the common (here and here.)

473834_10151058899139468_1381197466_o  1536480_10152151364549468_1487726771_n547315_10151038326799468_1179004774_n

In my earlier posts, I have always talked about two houses, but locals will know there are of course three. The truth is that the one that you come to first when you come up from the town centre has always been the hardest to photograph. For a start it has an unsightly lamppost just by it on one side and lacks such an appealing backdrop from the top, but still, like the others, it is a beautiful, dignified building with a stupidly large rock chucked in front of it.

I felt after my last return to this location, it had to be worth a re-match. I got a couple of shots which sort of work by trying to keep the less interesting parts of the background out of shot:

DSCF4745 SDIM0554

…but still, I feel I haven’t quite got there. I turned back into town with a bit of frustration and then as often happens when I am thinking photographs, found something in front of me which was ever bit as photogenic- this lovely window and window-box of one of the old buildings facing the common:




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