Further Afield- Hastings


So far, I’ve limited my ramblings here to Tunbridge Wells itself, but I hope it is not cheating too much for me to include the odd blog about some nearby places I love to return to. One of my favourite regular locations is Hastings, although those of you who know the place will recognise that already the picture above is a double cheat as it is taken at nearby Battle where the actual fight happened in 1066 and where they re-enact it every year on the anniversary.

Hastings itself is a really interesting seaside town which is very photogenic. Unlike its more famous and glamorous rival Brighton, it is very much a working fishing town still and has its own unique architecture of tall fisherman’s huts around the area called the Stade.

538213_10151511134069468_2038797138_n 9372_10151645698649468_1042523100_n 208162_10151263223864468_1278598176_n

The town does also try to do resort and like Brighton it has its own abandoned and recently burnt out pier:

1958268_10152288411154468_1688277831_n 1609987_10152288410834468_455439534_n10527556_10152620905279468_2792113140705486227_n

This can also be seen from one of the wonderful clifftop walks above the town:

998923_10151858599404468_1537636713_n 1184941_10151858599374468_1824926581_n

Down below, back in the town, the fishing attracts aggressive giant gulls:

1233485_10151858599584468_308849575_n 1236156_10151858599454468_757776903_n

This last one looking like it might swoop down to attack the old funicular lift up to the cliffs:


And then most of all I love those old boats:

1002892_10151855475544468_1415957050_n 1150401_10151855471829468_72621459_n 1175224_10151855476319468_1093150004_n



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