Dunorlan Park in the Fog


I was beginning to wonder whether there were any new ways I could photograph Dunorlan after my many earlier visits.

But then this morning, I arrived to find fog. I love the mystery that fog brings a scene and by coincidence I had brought with me my infrared camera which creates enough mystery all of its own.

So forgive me if some of these are quite weird and experimental:


As a proudly colour blind photographer. I sometimes leave my infrared shots in colour, simply reversing their natural red tint to produce something that looks sort of, but not quite normal:

_SAM2450 _SAM2459 _SAM2468 _SAM2484

Actually, I have genuinely no idea how odd they look- I’ve been told before that some of what I have thought to be bold colour experiments were just plain ordinary:

_SAM2454 _SAM2469 _SAM2447

Maybe it is just safer to stick with black and white:




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