Not wasting the dawn.


When I travel anywhere else, I will often make the effort to get up early to take pictures in the best light, but here at home it never seems so appealing.

Nevertheless, this morning a few things pushed me out of doors.

It’s been an interesting week with highs and lows. On the plus side, I’ve been really touched by the positive feedback I’ve been getting about this blog and my new facebook page (linked here). Then midweek, as if I wasn’t smug enough, I learned that I had come third in the Amateur Photographer of the year black and white competition for this shot, taken (predictably at dawn) in Grand Central Station in New York:

Grand Central Lensbaby Edit

All really wonderful, but there has been another side to the end of this week- knowing that I should really be somewhere else. For the last four years at this time, I have been on my school’s charitable trip to the Gambia. (If you are interested, read here.)

This year, because of the vile Ebola virus, we have had to postpone until next July. It is horrible for the kids we take, but much more a real disaster for the villages we help when we are out there. I’ve been worrying this week about the hard times that our friends out there have ahead, but also really selfishly, I can’t deny being disappointed because I’m missing the chance to re-visit such a beautiful place- particularly at dawn:


If you want to see a few more of my pictures from the last few years, I’ve put them here.

So this morning, I found myself wide awake at 7, with all of these thoughts messing with my sleepy head. I got up, looked out of the window and saw a sky like this:


So, even though it is Saturday, I rushed out onto my default route to work.

By the time I got to my first viewpoint, some of the sky’s grandeur had receded over the rock house, but I still managed something in colour and then in infrared:


Then on towards Eridge where I even discovered a new viewpoint off the main road- a spot I haven’t got quite right yet, but feel I’ll go back to soon:DSCF4778

My original challenge when I started this blog was to take pictures round here that matched my photos from around the world. I don’t feel I’m there yet, but this morning, having woken up thinking of a dawn stroll here:


I looked over Tunbridge Wells and felt alright:




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