The Drive to Work

Every morning I drive the seven miles from my house at the top end of Tunbridge Wells to Crowborough. A colleague of mine who had lived for years in Australia told me once that there was more variation in the views in that short journey than in the whole of Oz. I doubt that is true, but I never tire of this drive.

As ever on this blog, each picture will open up larger if clicked.

I come out close to the rock houses I wrote about in an earlier post

1795574_10152315739519468_1965096731_n 1969300_10152315739194468_1205830653_n

Drive by a view of the top of town…

10014676_10152333658419468_857768929_n 1474398_10152150749694468_2094785907_n

Then on past Eridge Green, frequently at this time of year shrouded in mist…

375752_10152316240439468_659638353_n 1186895_10152322569419468_1692955927_n 1452467_10152078580809468_217000592_n 1508572_10152311643869468_508246261_n 1508578_10152912438654468_8284589864862710687_n 1891253_10152333658214468_249630307_n 1920340_10152311643594468_1480288139_n 10003498_10152316252914468_1493184472_n 10422268_10152912438809468_347250280544171328_n 10426780_10152912438534468_4681669973451851409_n

And finally, approach Crowborough…

1959776_10152313748434468_1423851512_n 1899887_10152311643654468_1738238691_n 1489295_10152150749134468_482469183_n

Lucky Me!



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