Dunorlan Park


If there is one place that has inspired me to get into the idea of improving my photography by returning repeatedly to familiar locations, it is Dunorlan Park. For about a year now, my wife and son have gone for a jog here each weekend. I have a knee that doesn’t like running, so instead I take pictures.

The park in itself is beautiful. I’ve been going there since I was a toddler and feel like I know every duck, tree and pedallo, so attempting to make something new there week on week has been challenging.

As ever on this blog, if you click on any of the images, they will open up larger.

Sometimes the weather helps me giving me beautiful contrasts between bright winter sun,10361461_10152790952829468_4954115172409159488_n

…or fog.

1606873_10152376225264468_528207148399891212_n 10152656_10152376225169468_895128584832794757_n

Sometimes I go in close, trying to find all the features I have ignored before.1545832_10152812021144468_2791487997294544357_n 10291077_10152762530714468_247185962994982049_n 10362833_10152507953714468_6987548660813191035_n

…Other times I obsess about one bit of architecture like this staircase1506975_10152762531464468_117570970095481890_n 10615409_10152762531874468_2163925470031438402_n  10620202_10152743626844468_4526286443585037120_o10672302_10152790951384468_882109508843000537_n

…or the temple.

10671293_10152790952119468_6661515562956881568_n 10687349_10152790952499468_8192351580653087216_o 10698647_10152790952009468_501146195444583552_n

Sometimes I seek out the wildlife

16756_10152762530399468_8761719428985870552_n 10246683_10152376225809468_7039882899266958893_n

…Or the trees

10245583_10152376224944468_6895614917278305870_n 10649836_10152790953039468_1754885870556909205_n

…Or finally, I try some of my long exposure tricks to freeze the lake.10366265_10152494858524468_8898205373409323847_n



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