The Rock Houses by the common.

I have always loved these two houses by the common. Of themselves, they are are attractive, nineteenth century buildings, but it is their location that makes them so fabulous. They look over the town in what could be a position of some power if it were not for the fact that they each have a huge rock almost growing out of them.


As ever on this blog, if you click on any of the images, they will open up larger.

I don’t know if they were built like this in order to make some kind of Victorian statement of the triumph of civilisation over chaos, but more than a hundred years after this intention, they have something of the Sci Fi disaster movie about them. Before the inevitable destruction of an important city like New York, the power of the impending catastrophe is demonstrated by stray bits of space debris landing on Tunbridge Wells, narrowly missing these cozy dwellings.

Looking at the pictures I have taken over the years of these houses, I have always ended up trying to bring out some of the alien that I see in them. My cover picture for this blog uses infrared colour with some surreal colour shifts to do so:_SAM0299

At other times, I have tried to create the same surreal look with infrared black and white:P1010009

Or again in infrared colour:


And finally most recently, I have found myself framing them from behind trees to create a lurking voyeuristic feel:


Of course, looking at many of these now, what I don’t see much of is the rocks themselves, so as with much of the town, I will need to go back to this location again and again.



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